There are many all-purpose kitchen utensils you will likely find in kitchen cabinets all across the country. Spatulas are used for turning and flipping food items in skillets, on cookie sheets and on grills. They help keep you shielded from heat and burns while they help dislodge food stuffs that are stuck or for wiping out the inside of jars and bowls to get every last drop.

In case you don’t know what type of turner or spatula] is best for your recipe ingredients, you may need a simple guide to help you buy the correct one. Spatulas is the topic in this short article and are used to help you save effort and time in the kitchen.

If you are a gourmet chef, a grill expert, or simply prepping daily meals for your family, you will wish to have the most effective spatulas. On this page you will discover that spatulas are an economical luxury that will make your cooking tasks much easier.

Turners and Spatulas

Shoppers should take care to get the correct spatula for the project. With many to select from, you will find many sorts and value points for them. Stainless steel spatulas are the best choice for high temperature levels. If your cookware is coated, metal will scrape the material so in this particular case, you should pick silicone as it also tolerates high temperatures. Wooden spatulas are great for cast iron griddles and non-stick tops too. Wide spatulas are the perfect choice for grilling fish to keep the food from disintegrating while turning. There are even turners for all kinds of breakfast recipes including omelets and pancakes.

When you have the correct spatula or turner, your work will be easier and your whole day will start a lot better.  Get the best spatula your dollars can purchase from our store and you will get several years of use from your new utensil.


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Sunday Shenanigans: Celebrating Fall.

Silcone Spatulas with Wooden Handle

Happy first day of fall a day late!

Time to break out the hoodies and boots and start hoarding that pumpkin (if you haven’t already).

Fall certainly started off well in our little neck of the woods. I hope it’s as pretty at your house as it is mine. I mean just look at those blue skies– not a cloud to be seen. My kind of day! Oh, and the air? It’s definitely fall air.
Wanting to take full advantage of this gorgeous day, Chandler and I took a quick trip to Pilot Mountain for a morning hike. I love having so many fun places to explore just a short drive away.

We didn’t really have a set plan and ended up on a 2.2 mile trail that was gorgeous!

/http://www.pinkspatulas.com/2012/09/going-gluten-free-part-2.html”>Going Gluten Free Part 2.

Hi guys!

In Part 1 of my gluten free journey, I had just found out about my diagnosis. It’s been about 2.5 weeks things are getting better!

However, that first week was pretty tough because of all the adjusting. Amazingly, all my stomach issues went away within 48 hours. It was like a small miracle! Unfortunately, I was so tired though. I could barely keep my eyes open during the afternoon.

I found an easy solution… eat more! I tracked my calories and I was eating less than 1,000 calories those first few days of being gluten free. It was definitely not intentional and I quickly became friends with more calories. I’m definitely not one to turn down more food! 🙂

During this past week,  I actually ate gluten foods just to see what would happen. I think I was still in shock about the results and needed to see for myself that it really was a celiac diagnosis. So I indulged a little.  I had a dinner roll, fried okra, Mac and cheese, Pringles, and oatmeal creme pies… but not all at the same time!

Friday Things.

Just a few Friday things to kick off the weekend:

1. I read this in Real Simple magazine and had to share. 310 million bucks is how much us crazy Americans spent on Halloween costumes last year… for our pets. We are one strange society.

2. I want to make this! I’ve never actually made any crafts from Pinterest, but how hard can this be? A dollar store tray + chalkboard paint = a really cute menu board.*
/s400/99149629267186035_dgCHsCwp_b.jpg” width=”225″ height=”400″ border=”0″ /

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September 14, 2012

1. I have a flexible work schedule and took full advantage of it today. I left work at 12:45 and it was glorious! Then on my way home, my mom called and her and my brother were going to Chipotle for lunch. I’ve only been like twice, but I will definitely be going back a million times a week.

2. Speaking of family, this past weekend, we celebrated my brother’s birthday at my parents house. I was mourning the fact that I couldn’t eat any birthday cake, but my mom is seriously the best. She made red velvet for Steven, and found a gluten free cake mix for me at the store. It was a Betty Crocker mix and really good! Thanks mom and happy birthday again to Steven!

September 11, 2012

>Happy Gotcha Day.

Happy 4th Gotcha Day, Riley!!!

Four years ago today, I was sitting in my gender and communication class, watching the minutes tick by until I could grab my roommate, Amber, and head to the animal shelter to look for a dog. A puppy, and older dog, it didn’t matter. I just wanted a good fit.

There where only two puppies at the shelter that day, but on the upper row of cages, in the far left corner, was a little brown dog, just as calm as he could be, peering at the two humans who just walked in. I went over to his cage and no one was around, so we closed the puppy room door, I opened his cage, picked up the little guy, and that’s when the search was over.

This little cutie buried his head in my neck and instantly had my heart. I didn’t look at another dog. The precious 13 lb puppy with scratches, a missing patch of fur, and a tear on his ear was perfect in my eyes.

I paid the adoption fee and off we went back to our apartment, where I called my less than thrilled mother and less than enthused boyfriend (now husband) and told them the news. They both thought it was the worst idea ever, but now they both agree it was fate because we all love this crazy brown eyed dog so, so much.

When Riley came home with me four years ago, life was looming with change. I was getting ready to graduate college a semester early with no set plans.

Since that day in September, I got engaged. I graduated college. I earned my Master’s degree. Chandler and I got married. We bought a house. Riley has with me every step of way.

So to my favorite, four legged friend, Happy Gotcha Day and here’s to many more! 

For his special day, he would like a long walk, a new bone, and for me to send a friendly reminder to the Internet to adopt not shop (and spay and neuter, too)! So many incredible animals are waiting in animal shelters across the country for their fur-ever homes.

September 8, 2012

On My Bookshelf

It’s no secret that I love reading. Usually the first thing I do when I get home is read outside on the deck while Riley and Lily run around the backyard like crazy maniacs until Chandler comes home from work. 

Here’s a peak at what I’ve been reading lately…

Table for One by Georgiana Daniels 

This was a fun quick, quick read with a quirky Christian setting and a lovable (yet slightly irritating) main character. Successful and single, Lucy starts volunteering with her church’s youth group simply because of the hot youth pastor which leads to some laugh out loud mishaps and an unexpected romance.

Always Something There to Remind Me by Beth Harbison
This one just looks like a fun, easy read about past loves and the one who got away. Good reviews, popular author… I’m excited to get lost in the pages.

White Jacket Required by Jenna Weber 

I’ve liked Jenna’s blog for a while now, even though I admit I’ve never actually made a recipe off her site. I adore her food photography and it’s kind of nice to see how a successful blogger got her start.

We all have dreams and passions, and one theme I’m taking away from her story is simply a reminder that sometimes we just have to take the plunge and jump in with 100%.

Magnolia Wednesdays by Wendy Wax 

I haven’t started this one yet, but it looks like a very original plot. Investigative writer, Vivian, is shot on an assignment, sending her back to Georgia for a smaller assignment and reacquaintence with her old roots. I can’t wait to see the adventures this one holds!

What’s are you reading this month??


Let’s start with a fun disclosure: I’m not a medical professional and all views are based on personal experience. With that out of the way, it is story time!

At the beginning of August, Chandler and I drove down to Atlanta just to explore the city and enjoy one last fling with summer. On the way down, I noticed my upper, central abdomen was feeling slightly uncomfortable. I just assumed it was just nerves and excitement about the trip and starting my second year of teaching.

However, it never really went away and so I started eating bland food, including veggie noodle soup and crackers, which only made it worse. After bombarding my husband with what ifs, scouring the Internet, and many self diagnoses later, I finally made an appointment with a doctor… dun dun dun!

The actual appointment wasn’t that bad. Basically she asked about my family history, checked my abdomen to see if anything felt funny (it was all normal) and sent me to the lab for blood work (eek!).

Waiting ended up being the worst part, especially since she called me at 6:30 on a Tuesday night. I’d missed her call by 11 minutes and had to wait until morning to hear the results. Panic ensued. Pity my husband!

I called first thing in the morning and luckily got in touch with her pretty easily, but I was shocked at the results. My celiac test came back positive, meaning I was gluten intolerant… Um, what???

No one else in my family has celiac and I’ve never had stomach issues before unless you count the stomach virus of 2006 where I gave everyone the most miserable stomach bug for Christmas. So these results came as a complete and total shock. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but this wasn’t it.

It just kind of appeared one day and it looks like its here to stay. Stick around because it’s going to be one wild ride! Tomorrow starts day one as gluten free and I have absolutely no idea what to eat.

Wish me luck and expect for this saga is to be continued…